Connect with other women who share similar experiences

The Women’s Health and Wellbeing Services are running their ADHD Therapeutic Group over six weeks for women with (or suspect they have) ADHD. A formal diagnosis is not required.

This group is designed to be a supportive and empowering space, tailored to help attendees navigate life’s challenges with more resilience and self-awareness.

Each week, attendees will focus on various aspects of emotional health, from understanding emotions and managing stress to building self-esteem and improving interpersonal relationships.

Themes each week include:

  • Understanding ADHD in women
  • Self-awareness and self-compassion
  • Organisation and finding time
  • Strengthening your strengths
  • Building resilient relationships
  • Embracing change and planning for the future

Please note this is a small, closed group and attendance is required at all sessions.

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