Getting your child school-ready!

Starting school is an exciting and crucial step for you and your child. There are a range of schooling options that are available, and to choose what will suit your family best, you will need to understand what each education sector offers. Starting early and creating a plan can help you and your child prepare for their next years of schooling.

Parents and carers raising children aged 0-18 years are invited to join Kiind online for our upcoming Virtual MyTime!

Virtual MyTime is a dedicated online space for parents and carers to connect. Whether you live in regional or remote areas or face barriers to attending in-person support groups, Kiind is here for you, no matter your location.

Led by Kiind’s Peer Navigation team, this session aims to help parents and carers gain the knowledge and skills to support their child’s transition to school. This includes helping attendees choose the right school, enrolling, accessing support (including Individualised Education Plans), preparing their child in advance of the big day, and what to do if you’re having issues at school.

Join this safe and supportive environment to share ideas, experiences, and access valuable resources.

Everyone who registers and attends the workshop will receive a free resource pack filled with essential tools to help you confidently navigate the education system.

Don’t miss out – Register today!