Western Australia’s largest, member-only, online peer support network

Private and non-judgemental, our Facebook network enables members to connect with one another, ask questions, seek advice and recommendations, discuss coping strategies or simply catch up.

It’s also moderated by our team of Kiind volunteers.

What groups can I join as a Kiind member?

Kiind Families

Our core Facebook group, Kiind Families, provides an opportunity for members to tap into an eternal font of knowledge, insight, information and shared experiences from thousands of other parents and carers who are raising a child with disability up to the age of 25 years.

High Medical Needs

For members who have children who require high medicalised care. Members are able to support each other through shared knowledge and experiences, ask specialised or diagnosis-specific questions, provide a sounding board for one another as well as emotional support to better cope with developments and transitions.

Genetic, Rare and Undiagnosed Conditions

A space for parents and carers to share information, support and resources on raising a child who has a genetic, rare and undiagnosed condition.

Regional and Remote

This group is a space for members to connect, share experiences, and find solidarity with fellow Kiind Families raising a child with disability in regional and remote areas in WA.

Buy, Sell Donate and Exchange

Buy, sell, donate or exchange household items, clothing and disability aids and equipment.

Kiind Facebook Page

Stay up to date with the latest news, resources, activities, and stories from our members by following Kiind on Facebook.

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Become a member

Kiind offers membership to primary carers of children aged from birth to 25 years, living with disability, developmental delay, autism, genetic, rare, undiagnosed and/or chronic conditions who live in Western Australia.

Membership is free. So join the community, access the information that you need and connect with thousands of other families travelling a similar path to yours.

Other ways to connect

Connect with a Peer Navigator

Speak with one of our Peer Navigators for information, guidance and support, connect with other families just like yours and find the services and supports your child needs in your local area.

Find useful organisations

Take a look at some of the organisations that we work with regularly. Alternatively, speak with one of our Peer Navigators for more organisations providing the support you need in your local area.