If your infant, toddler, or young child is exhibiting signs of developmental delay or has a disability, early intervention can significantly enhance their cognitive, social and/or emotional development in the long term.

By identifying the support needs of  your child early on and providing individualised support to assist their development and ability to participate in the community, it may mean that your child needs less or no support  later on.

Professional early intervention services provide families with the necessary knowledge and resources to better understand and cater for their child’s specific needs.


First steps

A first steps guide for parents raising a child with a recent, or yet to be confirmed, diagnosis of disability, developmental delay, genetic, chronic medical and/or health condition.

Autism Parent's Handbook 2023

The essential guide to services and support in Western Australia for children diagnosed with autism.

Getting started with the NDIS

Help to access early childhood intervention, assessing eligibility for the NDIS, applying for funding, preparing for the all-important NDIS planning conversation and more.

Navigating your child's NDIS Plan

Coming soon: Help for families who have recently received their child’s first NDIS Plan – from understanding what’s included, what’s not, how to get started and what to do if something looks wrong.

Frequently asked questions

What is developmental delay?

All children develop at their own rate but generally reach milestones such as sitting,  crawling, walking and talking within similar timeframes.

A developmental delay may show up in the way your child moves, communicates, thinks and learns or behaves with others. When more than one of these areas is affected, it may be called global developmental delay (GDD).

Where can I find therapists and specialists?

The NDIS lists all registered providers in Australia.  You can filter by state and location to see providers located near you here.

Alternatively take a look at the Useful organisations directory on this website or become a Kiind member and tap into Kiind Families Facebook Network for insights and recommendations from more than 5,000 families raising children with disability and additional needs.

My child has been recommended for 'Early Connections'. What is this?

Early Connections are services and supports that involve connecting your child and family with:

  1. Mainstream and community services including educational services, GPs, paediatricians, child health nurse, vision, hearing, dietetics and child mental health services, family support, such as parent support groups and counselling.
  2. Practical information around child development issues such as play,  communication, behaviour and best practice in early childhood intervention.
  3. Connection with other families for peer support and information about parent workshops and information sessions.
  4. Early supports for children under the age of seven (soon to be under the age of nine) to help build capacity and  promote everyday learning.
  5. NDIS if your child is likely to need long-term or permanent support.

Contact one of our friendly Peer Navigators on (08) 6164 9806 or by email at support@kiind.com.au for more information or take a look at Getting Started with the NDIS, Book 1.