Our Journey Mapping Project

Supported by the Department of Communities and facilitated by Innovation Unit, this project involved 20 deep-diving interviews with a wide range of families as they navigated complex systems, including the NDIS, health, mental health, education and early childhood intervention on behalf of their children.

See our findings below:

  • Piecing the puzzle together: Insights Report – Our final report exploring the experiences of parents and carers, and 11 ‘directions for change’ for the future of the systems that they engage with as part of their child’s journey. Read our report.
  • Piecing the puzzle together: Max’s Story – We bring to life the journeys of parents and carers as they
    secure support for children living with disability and/or chronic conditions, through the story of Max and his family. Read our report.

Committees and advisory groups

Carers Advisory Council to the Minister

Kiind CEO, Carrie Clark, is a member of the Carers Advisory Council to the Minister providing advice for communities on issues relating to carers.

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Department of Education Disability and Inclusion Advisory Group

Kiind has been invited to represent families of children with disability on the Department of Education Disability and Inclusion Advisory Group to inform on key Department reform agendas impacting students with disability.

CAHS, Standard 2: Partnering with Children and Families Committee

Kiind is a member of the committee, responsible for facilitating improvements in child and family experience and meeting the requirements of the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standard 2 and Clinical Governance Framework.

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Presentations and submissions

Submission to the Senate Standing Committees on Community Affairs Inquiry

Our response to the National Disability Insurance Scheme Amendment (Getting the NDIS Back on Track No. 1) Bill 2024 [Provisions]. We include our recommendations for a more collaborative and detailed NDIS bill that balances fairness, flexibility, choice and control with the powers of the NDIS.

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State Budget Submission for WA: 2024-2025

Through consultations with our members and lived experience of the systems they interact with, we identified three key themes that the WA state government can address to strengthen the inclusion, empowerment, and connections of children and families in WA in 2024-2025.

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Select Committee into Child Development Services

Carrie Clark, CEO of Kiind appeared before the WA Parliamentary Inquiry into Child Development Services on 17 February 2023 in relation to the role, availability and delivery of services across metropolitan and regional Australia and the impact on children’ overall development, health and wellbeing.

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New bilateral agreement relating to the NDIS and its operation in Western Australia

This process represents an important opportunity for the WA government to reset the NDIS agreement and ensure WA public financial resources are applied to best effect in support of people with disability in our community.

Read our submission.

Inquiry into support for autistic children and young people in schools

Kiind, with input from our members, presented an acknowledgement of some of the challenges autistic students’ experience in WA schools. This submission resulted in recommendations, based off lived experience, on how to best support autistic children throughout their schooling life.

Read our submission.

Inquiry into the Carer Recognition Act 2010

In August 2023, Kiind presented a submission addressing the Carer Recognition Act 2010’s effectiveness in relation to real life unpaid carers. Our submission included recommendations on how to improve supports for unpaid carers and create a stronger community amidst a rapidly changing disability landscape.

Read our submission.

NDIS Review

As part of the Child and Disability Family Alliance, Kiind collaborated with Kindred and the Association for Children with Disability to present a submission into the NDIS Review, outlining 21 recommendations to make the NDIS better for children and families.

Read our submission.

Our partnerships

Child and Family Disability Alliance

This Alliance has been established between Kiind, Association of Children with Disability (VIC) and Kindred (NSW) to raise national awareness of the issues facing children with disability and their families, provide policy advice, increase representation in government consultative processes, together with researchers, and industry experts.

Disability Advocacy Coalition

The Coalition comprises 17 organisations in WA, providing a collective voice to ensure people with disability, their families and carers live good lives, their way.

WA Early Intervention Steering Group

Kiind is a member of the Steering Group which aims to improve access to early intervention services for families seeking support for their children, including working with other allied health organisations to improve service pathways, address service gaps and ensure best practice and family-centred approaches.