Thank You Telethon!

We’re excited to announce that we’re, once again, a beneficiary of the Channel 7 Telethon Trust.

This morning Kiind CEO, Carrie Clark, and WA Operations Manager, Simone Yandell, attended the Giving Ceremony breakfast for beneficiaries where they also met with Lord Mayor, Basil Zemplis, and everyone’s favourite feline, Fat Cat!

Our generous Telethon grant allows Kiind to continue supporting WA children with disability and their families through our Hospital Support Program.

If you find yourself at Perth Children’s Hospital, either as an outpatient attending a routine appointment with your child, or as an unexpected or emergency admission, our team is on-hand to offer support, information resources, connection to other families, and warmth and understanding in the Family Resource Centre, located on the ground floor of the hospital.

We look forward to supporting even more families this year. Thanks Telethon!